CIA’s advice on sabotaging enemy’s toilet

When disaster came, different coalitions or parties will be formed to scramble for scare resources.

No matter the scale, sabotaging hostile coalitions could increase your chance of winning over your opposition, eventually getting the resources you needed.

This time we will teach you how to sabotage enemy’s toilet with a sponge, an idea documented in Simple Sabotage Field Manual. By doing so, not only it could demoralize your enemy, but also waste their manpower.

Simple Sabotage Field Manual is a field manual published by the predecessor of CIA, OSS(Office of Strategic Services) in 1944. This manual was to educate ordinary people who lived in Nazi-occupied zone to conduct simple sabotage, in order to reduce the productivity of Nazi’s war machine.

Simple Sabotage Field Manual(1944) was published by OSS(Office of Strategic Services), the predecessor of CIA.


A sponge, 200 grams of flour or cornstarch, a string and some water.

How to sabotage enemy’s toilet with a sponge?

This tutorial will teach you how to sabotage enemy’s toilet with a sponge.

Step 1: Prepare a solution to harden the sponge

Mix flour or cornstarch with water, stir until fully dissolved.

Step 2: Soak up the sponge

Soak the sponge in the solution. When it is completely saturated, use a string wrap it into a ball, as tight as possible.

Step 3: Air dry the sponge

Air dry the sponge. The sponge should be hardened when it is dry because of the solution.

Step 4: Remove the string

Remove the string that wrapped the soap.

Step 5: Execute the sabotage

Flush the sponge down the toilet you want to sabotage. The sponge will soon will return its original size and plug the sewage system.


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