5 secret stash spots ideas in your house

Find secret stash spots in your home.

A safe may secure your valuables against cat burglars, but it offers no protection against the search and seizure by the police or the government.

No matter how secure a safe is, it can still be cracked given enough time.

If you really want to keep your valuables secure, building your own secret stash will be a much better option.

Learn how to identify secret hiding places and create your secret stash spots in your home in this article.

How to find a good stash spots in your house?

You should bear these 4 basic principles in mind when you look for secret hiding places in your house.

How big is the thing you want to hide?

Apart from find a place that can fit in the thing, you should also assess the possibility of dissembling it and hide its parts separately.

How obvious is the stash spot?

Use your common sense to identify places that are supposed to be hollow or storing things. These are more obvious stash spots than those being apparently solid.

How good is your workmanship?

Workmanship is the key if you want to create dead spaces in unexpected places by yourself. Tool marks or cracks left by unprofessional work can betray you.

Consider using existing dead space as your secret hiding spots instead of hollowing out one on your own, if your workmanship is poor.

Is there any storage requirement for what you want to hide?

Is the thing you want to hide waterproof? If so, you can hide it in places that will contact water.

Is it temperature sensitive? Will it degrade under heat or coldness?

Is it made with metal? If you want to avoid metal detector, you have to hide it inside something made with metals.

Examples of secret stash spots in your house

Although you may not be aware of, there are actually plenty dead spaces in our home, and some of these spaces can be easily turned into ready-made stash spots.

The following examples are to inspire you to think and observe what you have in your home more carefully, and help you find your perfect stash spots.

Curtain rods

Most of the curtain rods are hollow. Simply unscrew them from the wall and put what you want to hide inside the rod.

As shower curtain rods are always made with metal, you can store things made with metal there and avoid metal detection.

Ceiling lights

There are plenty of space behind the base of ceiling lights. Unscrew it and you can hide whatever you want inside.

If the thing you want to hide is very heavy and temperature sensitive, hide it somewhere else.

using the base of ceiling light as secret stash
Ceiling lights provide handy concealments.


If the door in your home is hollow core, you can access its compartment at the top of the door.

If you only need to hide something small and your door uses door closer, you can also hide it inside the door closer. Unscrew then you are good to go.

Electrical boxes

Compartments are made inside walls for electrical wiring. If you unscrew the cover of electrical boxes, you will be able to access all these hidden spaces.

If you have enough skills and time, you can construct a dummy electrical box as well.

Before you word with electrical boxes, make sure you have turned off

Using electrical box as secret stash
Electrical boxes are the ready-made secret stash spot in your home.


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